Personal development goals can be achieved by keeping a journal


As you embark on your personal development goals, you may be wondering how to stay on track and keep a record of the achievements you've made during your long and arduous journey. The answer may be as simple as keeping a daily journal.

Whether you go the old-fashioned route with paper and pen or choose to blog about your progression, you're doing great things that will assist you in your search for betterment and enlightenment.

Keeping an account of your progress will allow you to look back at where you began and assess the changes you've made thus far. This can help you determine whether you are on a satisfactory path, or if you need to re-think the route you've been taking.

Additionally, writing about your journey may be a big help to others who are looking to do the same.

Any way you choose to do it, tracking your inner peace philosophy is an important step to make sure that you are able to achieve everything you have set your mind to.

You can create your own inner peace philosophy


Each person on Earth is a unique being, even though we are all interconnected. As such, everyone will develop their own inner peace philosophy.

This will depend upon the personal values that you hold most important. Perhaps you believe that world peace is a matter of diligent education for the youth, or maybe you think that having optimal physical health is one of the more important things a person can accomplish.

Either way, it's up to you when thinking about how to put your peace philosophy in action. However, you must also think about balance.

For instance, thinking only about obtaining a ripped, healthy physique can make you imbalanced. You need to also keep others in mind. This doesn't mean straying from your dedication to health, but rather getting individuals in your community involved in your efforts.

Also keep in mind that taking action on your personal philosophies is perhaps even more important than merely creating an ideal way of living. After all, good ideas don't mean much if you don't put them to use.

Meditation can help people develop an inner peace philosophy

An inner peace philosophy can be a powerful tool for helping individuals direct their thoughts and emotions and find calmness in their lives. Given the strenuous nature of modern life, these benefits have never been more important.

One way for individuals to develop an inner peace philosophy is through meditation techniques for beginners. These practices can help a person focus their attention on the present and eliminate worries about the future or regrets of the past.

When an individual's entire consciousness is focused on the present moment, they are less likely to feel anxious or worried. This enables them to live to a much more relaxed lifestyle in which peace flows through their entire body.

These types of benefits may sound out of reach for many people, particularly those who are currently very stressed. However, anyone can attain inner peace. All they need to do is devote their attention to the present and allow their worries and concerns to slip away. Meditation techniques can help individuals reach these goals.


Small steps help set a peace philosophy in action

Finding peace in life involves more than just sitting around thinking about a peaceful world. It may take actually putting a peace philosophy in action. This may be one of the best ways to end conflict on one's life and make harmony a reality in the community.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee is all for having people think about ways in which they can make the world a more peaceful place. He says that meditating on matters of harmony can lead to significant progress in society.

However, these benefits only become real when people take active steps to improve the world around them. There comes a point at which thoughts become meaningless and actions speak louder than words.

Setting a peace philosophy in action doesn't need to involve starting a revolution in society. Much smaller actions can contribute to a more respectful community. Bringing in a neighbor's trashcans or giving up your seat on the bus to a fellow passenger can brighten another person's day and begin a chain reaction in which peace and harmony start to spread throughout the community.

Leading by example may be the best way to put a peace philosophy in action

Many people would like to set their world peace philosophy in action. Nearly everyone, it seems, has ideas for how the world could be run more harmoniously and would like to show the world these ideas.

However, the problem of world peace can seem too great for any one individual to conquer. To be sure, there are many factors involved. While one person may not be able to single-handedly bring peace to the entire world, there are things they can do to encourage harmony.

For example, simply adopting meditation practices for health can help bring peace to one's own mind. This is important, because when an individual begins living their life more peacefully, the effects can rub off on those around them. In this way, peaceful living can start a chain reaction that brings harmony to many corners of the globe.

The lack of peace in the world certainly is too large a problem for any one individual to directly solve. However, this does not mean that one person cannot play a role in helping the world move past these issues. Any solution will take a collective effort, and leading by example is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Individuals find inner peace at Brain Art Festival

There are many different ways individuals can express their inner peace philosophy. Some may choose to get involved in causes, while others may become active members in the world of policy. However, for many people, their mode of expression is art.

In order to facilitate the work of these individuals, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recently hosted the Brain Art Festival at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The event paired the lectures of Lee with interactive visual art installations, music and dance.

The event's website described it as a "supercharged healing adventure" in which individuals would have the opportunity for finding peace in life. The range of activities that took place were designed to create a synergistic flow of energy between the various performers and artists, and to foster an atmosphere in which artistic expression was given the chance to celebrate peace and happiness.

Officials drew comparisons between their event and the original Woostock Music and Arts Festival. They said that the former celebration was intended to bring together a diverse group of artists from a range of media in order to trumpet the cause of peace for a new generation. Similarly, the Brain Art Festival is intended as a way for individuals to creatively express their desires for peace.

Expressing one's inner peace philosophy is an important part of the theories of Lee. He says that individuals need to do more than just sit around thinking about ways to create a more harmonious world. In order to actually achieve that type of society, a person must take their ideas to the world and make people appreciate the importance of peace.

Only through actions such as those taken at the Brain Art Festival can the ideas of peace spread throughout society.

Event helps world see importance of making personal development goals a part of education

One of the most important peace philosophy questions begging to be answered is how to give every person in the world the tools necessary to provide a good life for themselves and their families. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that giving opportunities to more individuals with Brain Education may be a significant part of the solution.

His organizations – the Korean Institute of Brain Science and the International Brain Education Association – recently held an event at a high-level meeting of the United Nations, at which representatives discussed ways in which Brain Education could be used to boost public health efforts around the world and raise the quality of life for millions of people.

Education is the single most important key to moving ahead in life. Yet, around the world, millions of people are completely denied the opportunity to learn new ideas and skills. This holds them back from attaining a better life.

By putting on the event, Lee was able to bring his message about the importance of Brain Education and personal development goals to some of the most important leaders in the world. While these types of concerns have rarely been on the public's agenda, working to increase their visibility could result in the distribution of more resources for these causes.

The United Nations is an important organization when it comes to setting the course of international discussion. What happens at the UN often trickles down to member nations across the globe. By putting the idea of the importance of Brain Education on such an important stage, Lee helped open the possibility of future quality of life improvements to millions of people.

New institute helps spread Korean culture, including meditation practices for beginners

Korean culture has a lot to offer the world, from a peace philosophy in action to meditation practices for beginners. These elements of Korean tradition are sorely needed by much of society and could make a major difference in building a brighter future for the planet.

In order to spread the message of all the culture has to offer, philosopher and University of Brain Education President Ilchi Lee recently signed an agreement to launch the Korean Cultural Institute. The agreement was also signed Gao Dabin, president Dalian University.

The two institutions worked collaboratively to launch the institute, which will be a central hub for discussion and appreciation of all the things Korean culture has to offer the world. Located in the heart of Dalian City, the Institute has the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

At times, Korean culture may be overlooked by those in the West. People tend to be more aware of the more dominant Japanese and Chinese cultures, which have been somewhat more influencial on the world stage. However, thinking that traditional Korean thinking and ways of life have nothing to offer would be a mistake.

Many different societies going several millennia were started in Korea. Furthermore, a number of great thinkers and artists have emerged from the peninsula. The impact on the world left behind by these cultural giants was great, and their work should get a wider audience, many people feel.

This is why the Korean Cultural Institute is so important. Through the organization, individuals from different backgrounds can learn more about the Korean thinkers and artists who shaped the modern world. This is a valuable tool for keeping the tradition of this culture alive.