Ilchi Lee lectures college students in world peace

College students are used to hearing lectures about topics in math, science and literature. However, few are exposed to the importance of world peace during the course of their regular degree work. In 2004, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee tried to change this.

He went to the University of Cologne in Germany to talk to a group of students at the school about Peacology and Brain Respiration.

These subjects play central roles in the teachings of Ilchi Lee. He says that there are few things as important in life as focusing on peace and working to encourage harmony with all that a person does in their life.

As college students, the individuals he lectured at the university are likely going to move on to careers in which they have an opportunity to shape the world, at least to some degree. Bringing this message of the importance of world peace to tomorrow's leaders could help the planet develop in a much more harmonious direction. Efforts like this could one day bring about fulfillment of the dream of world peace.

Ilchi Lee hosts environmental awareness event

The human race is inextricably connected to the Earth, but too often people do not recognize this relationship. They fail to to show the planet the respect and love that it deserves. This in turn may hinder the prospects of peace on Earth.

However, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has worked tirelessly to change this. He has long advocated an increased understanding of shared fate of humanity and planet Earth. As part of this advocacy, he recently spoke at the Meeting with Mago event.

The purpose of the event is to help more individuals understand the importance of respecting the planet they call home. Mago is thought to be the personification of the spirit of the Earth, and Lee’s talk sought to engage individuals with this concept while teaching them why it is so important to take humanity’s stewardship of the planet so seriously.

Currently there is a lot of talk about the importance of environmental protection, but there is little action taken. Events like the Meeting with Mago help shine a brighter light on the subject to people from around the world.

Honolulu declares Earth Citizen Day

Ilchi Lee says that peace will only be achieved when the people of the world put aside their difference and begin treating each other with respect and dignity, regardless of their religious, national or cultural background.

These teachings are increasingly catching on, as evidenced by the fact that local lawmakers in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii recently proclaimed a day in April Earth Citizen Day.

The Earth Citizen movement was started by Ilchi Lee as a way to convey to people the importance of identifing themselves first as a member of the human race and second as a part of other religious, ethnic or cultural groups.

Ilchi Lee says that these institutions often serve to divide people and are the basis for much of the conflict that exists in the world. However, by joining together in celebration of the commonalities that exist in humanity, the world may become a more harmonious place.

These were the benefits that the city of Honolulu was reaching for. With its diverse population, this type of mindset could be a major benefit to the people of the city.

Ilchi Lee hosts peace event

Ilchi Lee says that the only way for the world to resolve its conflicts and achieve peace on Earth is for the people of the planet to put aside their racial, religious and national identities and begin living as Earth Humans. He has hosted many events to spread this message and help more individuals understand the importance of living more harmoniously.

For example, in 2003 he helped organize the second Humanity Conference Earth Human Peace Forum in Seoul, South Korea. Many experts in the field of peace attended the event, including former Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez, peace activist John Galtung and the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes Seymour Topping.

During the event, these experts and many others discussed ways they can work secure a more peaceful planet while helping individuals realize their own safety and well-being is tied to that of their neighbor.

By raising awareness of these issues, Ilchi Lee and the rest of the group hopes to give the world a nudge in the direction of greater harmony and peace. While the barriers to peace may seem large, awareness efforts such as these could help peace-loving people of the world create a conflict-free existence.

Ilchi Lee embarks on Mongolian adventure

Ilchi Lee’s belief that world peace will come from unity among cultures may seem like a new idea in today’s divided world, but similar concepts have been around for centuries.

For example, in 2010, Lee embarked on a Mongolian adventure to investigate the roots of Korean culture. It is widely believed that modern Korean society stems from an ancient kingdom that once spanned parts of present day Mongolia, China and Korea.

The Dahngun Chosun dynasty, as the society was known, practiced a governing philosophy known as Hong Ik, or “to widely benefit.” By setting out on this cultural adventure, Lee hoped to learn about enlightened principles and governing practices that could potentially be applied to today’s societies.

Lee said that the advanced ideas he learned about on his adventure gave him inspiration that helped formulate new brain training programs.

While the Dahngun Chosun culture may have long vanished from the Earth, its ideas and practices may give current world leaders something to think about in terms of cooperating with neighbors and ensuring that the well-being of every citizen is guaranteed.

Ilchi Lee lectures students on importance of peace

Despite many efforts to spread the message, some people are still unaware of the importance of living in harmony with the rest of humanity. In order to rectify this, Ilchi Lee has embarked on many speaking engagements to tell the world about peace.

One such event came in 2004 when he lectured a group of students at Cologne University in Germany about his concepts of Peaceology and Brain Respiration.

Peaceology is an idea developed by Lee that has to do with helping individuals forget about their allegiances to false and divisive groups and enables them to see that they are, first and foremost, citizens of the Earth. Once people realize this, it becomes easier for them to love those around them and leave behind ideas that cause prejudice and discrimination.

By embracing Peaceology, Lee believes that the whole world will one day be able to live in peace and harmony. It could be one of the most important keys to leaving behind war and conflict. His lecture to the students in Germany served to remind them that this is an achievable goal. All it takes is willpower and determination.

Ilchi Lee reminds listeners that they all share an important common denominator

When people look at one another it is often easiest to only notice the things that divide them. Cultural, religious and ethnic differences are often immediately apparent and can serve to turn people off from each other. However, all too frequently, they overlook the commonalities that could serve to pull them closer together.

Ilchi Lee has long said that peace can only be achieved when people set aside these differences that divide and fully grasp those around them as their brothers and sisters. In order to spread this message, he spoke at the Meeting with Mago event in 2002.

As part of his address, Lee said that all humans have more in common with each other than they may be aware of. At the top of the list of commonalities is their connection to the Earth. The planet is what allowed their birth and continues to sustain their existence. Without it, no life would be possible.

This fundamental similarity could serve to lead people to spiritual healing, allowing them to understand that they are much more closely related than they may be aware of and that national and racial differences are often less important than people make them out to be.

Event encourages adoption of Earth Citizen movement

For Ilchi Lee, the key to achieving world peace is for people from all corners of the globe to lay down their allegiance to specific religions, races, cultures and nationalities and begin identifying first and foremost as Earth Citizens. In furtherance of this goal, the author and philosopher has hosted many events on the topic.

For example, in March of 2001 he gathered spiritual leaders and interested individuals from several nations around the world to Mago Garden in Sedona, Arizona for the third Meeting with the Creator.

During the event, four speakers, including Ilchi Lee, talked about ways that people can live more fulfilling lives in the 21st century while working toward better themselves and the world around them.

Ilchi Lee’s comments focused on his idea of what it means to be an Earth Citizen. He said that love for humanity and love for the Earth should be the motto of individuals who accept this calling in life.

The event was the third in a series of four Meeting with the Creator sessions that took place between 1999 and 2003.