Awaken Your Brain with Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee believes that we are each individual parts of the universe. Many people don't use their brains to their full capacity and instead are blind to the word around them and their own role in it.

"As I inhale and exhale
I see my existence anew
And recognize the law of the Cosmos" – Ilchi Lee "Songs of Enlightenment

To fully awaken your brain and learn how you fit into the universe as a whole try Ilchi Lee's five steps:

1. Awaken the Senses
We have five senses but often use only our eyes. Learn to develop your touch, taste, sense of smell and hearing through meditation and purposefully using each sense on a daily basis. Eat more slowly to enjoy food's flavors and aromas. Run your hands through the grass, pet a dog and enjoy the many textures of life by feeling them with your fingertips. Simply being more aware of your senses helps to awaken your brain.

2. Become Flexible
Instead of having a thought or idea and being fixated on carrying it out, allow yourself to be flexible. This is also necessary when you are working towards goals. The way you plan your journey will not always be what happens. Know that there are many possibilities that lead to what you are looking for. You must also learn to be flexible with your body. Yoga and exercise can help you to learn how to be more malleable physically.

3. Heal Yourself by Releasing Stored Emotions
Holding on to anger, fear and anxiety is not beneficial to your well-being. Instead, negative emotions can hold you back. While fleeting and temporarily experiencing these feelings is natural and healthy, keeping them in is not. Learn to release emotions that are harmful to you so you can begin again.

4. Use your Entire Brain
Many people claim they are a right or left-sided thinker. While this may be true of your thought process, you can still use both sides of your brain by actively engaging in both creative and logical thoughts. Trying new things like painting, cooking and theater can help those who are right-brained, and math and history is useful for developing your brain if you find you are more of an artsy, left-brained person.

5. Repeat 
If you stop the four processes above, your brain will return to it' pre-awakened state. Continue using your senses, being flexible, letting go of emotions and using all your thought processes to continue developing spiritually.

Ilchi Lee Provides Guidance for Water Sound Self-Healing

As an expert of meditation and energy healing, Ilchi Lee teaches people about the immense human capacity to heal themselves. Embracing and harnessing one's own self-healing properties requires concentration and a heightened sensitivity to energy, or ki, as Lee explained in "Meridian Exercise For Self Healing."

"By opening blockages in the energy pathways and reawakening our innate ability to sense energy flow, we can recover our health and natural balance," Lee wrote. "When we develop sensitivity to ki, we will be able to reach our body's potential."

Lee also discusses the way that energy awareness can help one heal in "The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart." In fact, he provides instructions to help people engage in self-healing meditation techniques amid the beautiful scenery of Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon. The method involves absorbing the sounds of nature, relaxing the mind and letting Mother Earth affect your senses in a way that promotes greater mental, physical and spiritual health.

You don't have to hike the trails of Sedona to engage in Ilchi Lee's water sound self-healing. Simply find a quiet clearing outdoors near a body of moving water, preferably a river gorge.
Sit comfortable with your back straight and close your eyes, breathing smoothly and steadily.

Imagine the water flowing through your body from the head down to your feet, unobstructed and sleekly. Take notice of certain parts of your body where the water does not seem to flow smoothly. These are energy obstructions that require better circulation of ki and should be areas of focus during the meditation exercise.

Focus your awareness on the top of your head, then to the brain. The clear, clean water continues to flow and wash away negative thoughts and emotions. Move your awareness to your inner organs, allowing the sound of vibrations to penetrate, massage and purify each one for about a minute. This is especially important, as Ilchi Lee explains the great inter-connected quality of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and so forth.

"In the East, our organs and emotions are believed to have an intimate connection to each other."

Finally, feel the water flowing down your torso, legs and feet, washing all negative energy clean off you.

Ilchi Lee Provides Guidance for Letting Go of the Past

Many people accept rumination as a natural part of humanity – that dwelling on the past is simply a necessity of life. The fact is that self-reflection is a good thing in limited amounts, allowing you to use introspection as a tool for self-development and growth. However, when one obsesses over the past, it becomes unhealthy and actually hinders growth. In The New York Times bestseller, "The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart," Lee talks about this tendency to dwell on the past and the human capacity to move forward.

"It's natural to have emotions or memories that are hard to let go of even when you know they're blocks to your growth," Lee wrote."But no matter how deep the hurt or emotion may be, if you let go of it, you can. It doesn't require a lot of time. You can let go if it right away. The problem is that  you can't easily separate the emotion or memory from yourself, and there's a part of you that is holding on and trying not to let it go."

It's all too easy to hold tight to negative emotions and thoughts rather than see them as they are and learn to embrace the positive aspects of life. As Ilchi Lee noted in "The Call of Sedona," one who obsesses over the past is like a child who is crying after having stepped into a puddle. It is not deep, and the child has only one foot in the filth – all there is to do is to lift the foot out and move along, but instead the child stays put and cries.

Lee asks the reader to imagine that there is a wound you suffered long ago that left a scar. Whether large or small, this scar is only that – a harmless blemish that does not interfere with your life. However, if you continue to see the closed wound as open, the pain will remain and the healing will never be complete.

"The things we are attached to are no more than shadows of the past," Lee wrote. "However, we do not recognize that, and as long as we hold onto them, they become a part of the present and follow us around."

The first step toward moving on, as Lee explains in his book, is to ask yourself if you are really trying to overcome your negative thought or emotion. If so, you must recognize and accept that you are the master of your own emotions, then you must make the firm decision to leave those harmful feelings behind, shun regret and attachment, and go through with your decision.

An Ilchi Lee Poem for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time not just for raising money for breast cancer research but also for spreading awareness of the epidemic disease. Ilchi Lee has long taken an initiative for helping women diagnosed with breast cancer find courage, face the disease with strength and get relief from their physical, mental and emotional pain, whether it's through yoga poses or acupuncture.

Extending Hope and Compassion
During the month of October, there are a variety of ways that people can contribute to research and development in the field of breast cancer prevention and treatment. Many people run for fundraising races, others donate money and some may throw charity events. But another important thing that can help people face breast cancer is to simply provide emotional support – hope, love and compassion can go a long way.

If you're looking for a way to verbalize your support for a loved one with breast cancer, turn to one of the inspiring Ilchi Lee books, "Songs of Enlightenment." In this publication, The New York Times best selling author presented the poem "This World is Beautiful," a piece that the author has in the past dedicated to the women and families suffering from breast cancer. Review this excerpt from the poem:

Nothing of heaven and earth
Can take this heart
Filled with love
Nothing of heaven and earth
Can divide us
From cosmic energy
Our vision and hopes
Are our sun, our moon, our stars.

He continues on with words of wisdom, emphasizing that life's struggles are an opportunity to strive for enlightenment and form deeper connections with inner selves.

Now we know
Limitations are possibilities
Opportunities to perceive ourselves
Beyond our present selves.
Our loved ones
Wait for us at the doorstep
The world of harmony
Forever and lasting
Like the sun, moon, and stars
I am with my loved ones
As we all are with our loved ones.

Providing Hope and Inspiration for Cancer Patients

The first day of June marked National Cancer Survivors Day, an occasion for celebrating those who have survived this disease. But it also serves as a reminder of the importance of inspiring those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer through family support, community outreach and stories of strength and healing. As a voice for holistic healing, Ilchi Lee, has helped many people find hope and courage to fight for their health, and he encourages his readers to comfort those in need support during such difficult times.

As Ilchi Lee tells his readers, "[T]hose who know how to comfort themselves can comfort others, and their heart is big enough to comfort the world."

People don't need extensive training to show compassion and provide solace to someone who is afraid in the face of cancer – or any other devastating situation. Knowing how to praise and comfort yourself is key. Find your own strengths, appreciate your own potential and remind yourself everyday that you love yourself and are capable of anything you put your mind to. Once you are at peace with yourself and understand your infinite value in this world, you can open your heart up to the people around you. In fact, in his book "Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential," Ilchi Lee explains the importance of understanding your role and what's really important in the whole scheme of things: absolute values.

"When you find the absolute values, you are important to this world because you know what is important," he wrote. "Those who know what is truly important are helpful to this world, because they won't put their personal concerns before what is important to all."

You can put your personal values aside and help others through community service. Volunteer at a hospital or cancer treatment center to provide emotional support for those who have been recently diagnosed. If you've survived cancer (or are close with someone who has) share your experience. You might talk with cancer patients about what you or your loved one went through, write an article and publish it in the local paper or author a blog to provide hope and inspiration for those in need of emotional and spiritual support.

The Effect of Breathing on Emotional Stability

It's common sense that breathing is essential – humans need oxygen to stay alive. Most people don't pay attention to respiration. After all, our autonomic nervous systems automatically do it for us. But it's important to understand that oxidation of the cells is not only necessary for keeping your organs working properly – as Ilchi Lee discusses in his books and teachings, it's also crucial for the body's production of energy and, for that reason, can greatly affect mood and emotion.

Training yourself to breathe properly – deeply and steadily – can have many mental, emotional and physical health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system and make you feel overall more vibrant. It can also make you more focused and attentive on a daily basis and help you better connect with your emotions. In one of the inspiring Ilchi Lee books, "Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential," the New York Times bestselling author discussed the immense capacities of focused breathing.

"[I]f you close your eyes and begin to feel your breath, it will instantly become deeper and slower, and your mind will become calmer," Lee wrote. "Then gradually you'll become aware of your body, or more precisely the subtle sense of energy inside and around your body. At that moment, you exist as Energy-Consciousness, not as names, jobs, duties, roles, desires, and so on."

There are many techniques one can practice to beat shallow, unsteady respiration. Dahn Yoga classes incorporate core energy breathing, an exercise that focuses on the body's energy system. Along with meditation and meridian stretching, it can help you develop your core, improve respiration and enhance your natural ability to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ilchi Lee Book Featured in Goodreads Giveaway Contest

Founder of Dahn Yoga Ilchi Lee is dedicated to promoting health, self-improvement and peace throughout the world. That's why he continues to organize wellness programs and write works that motivate people to pursue change, such as his book, "Healing Chakras: Awaken Your Body's Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace," a guide to properly utilizing the power of your chakras.

Right now, "Healing Chakras" is featured in a Goodreads Book Giveaway contest that gives participants an opportunity to win a copy of the book. Contestants must enter online through Goodreads by Feb. 28. Winners will be randomly selected until supplies run out and mailed a copy to own. The book includes detailed, full-color images of the chakras and easy-to-follow exercise instructions with illustrations as well as a CD that discusses guided meditation.

Like other Ilchi Lee books, "Healing Chakras" is intended to improve the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. It teaches you to use Chakra healing methods based on ancient Korean energy practices to enhance mental clarity, increase concentration and decrease stress. The goal is to help readers uncover their inner passions so that they can pursue change and find inner peace.

Ilchi Lee Teachings Offered Through Online Martial Arts Course

New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee is widely known as the founder of Dahn Yoga, but he also developed a complex system of movements called Dahn Mu Do. This martial art is based on the traditional Korean healing and defense techniques and has helped many people recover from mental, physical and emotional issues.

Ilchi Lee developed this martial art when he started teaching public qi​ gong sessions in South Korea in the 1980s, taking from his comprehensive knowledge of the principles of traditional East Asian healing methods. He used it to further the Ilchi Lee education model, which is part of a larger movement to help people improve all aspects of themselves – physical, mental and spiritual. Now, those interested in learning about Dahn Mu Do can take an online martial arts course based on the practice.

The course, "Dahn Mu Do: Martial Arts for Healing," became available Jan. 21, 2014, on Students receive video instruction from experienced teacher Soo Ahm Lee, who imparts the wisdom learned from Ilchi Lee and the holistic healing principles of Korea. Along with imparting knowledge of pressure points, the meridian system and other long-established pathways to wellness, the instructor demonstrates the dynamic movements that enhance energy and increase circulation in the body and, in effect, help you become more aware of your body and improve your health.

In the introductory video, for example, Soo Ahm Lee gives students the basics of the practice and discusses his passion for the martial art as well as its positive effect on his life.

"Through this training, I've changed in many ways," Soo Ahm Lee said. "My body has become healthier, and mentally, I have experienced peace. I used to be very impatient, but now I have become much calmer. You certainly could say that my life has changed. I've had miraculous experiences and I've gone through many changes in my life which would have been unimaginable had I not done this training. … You can recover your health. You can recover your self worth, your self confidence and many things like this through the training. And you can even obtain peace of mind."

While Dahn Mu Do is beginning to gain popularity in the U.S. thanks to Ilchi Lee education initiatives, practices just like it, such as qi​ gong, are everyday activities in Korea. The immense healing capacity of these techniques have been passed down since ancient times, helping people live happier, healthier lives. Soo Ahm Lee hopes to spread the word of Dahn Mu Do throughout the U.S. and inspire Americans to take their wellness into their own hands.

Ilchi Lee takes to Korean TV to discuss senior health issues

Senior health issues can really impact an older individual’s quality of life. Decreased well-being can hamper mobility and stop people from visiting family and friends or doing the activities they once enjoyed. This is why taking proactive steps to preserve health into old age is such an important part of life.

In order to help address the senior health care dilemmas of more older individuals, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recently took to the airwaves in Korea to lecture audiences on ways they can preserve their health as they get older.

In particular, he talked about a practice known as Jangsaeng walking. In Korean, the term Jangsaeng refers to longevity. Through this practice, individuals are able to maintain a clear brain and healthy body, thus enabling them to stay at the peak of physical and mental health.

Aging is an inevitable part of life. Just as autumn follows summer, the body will eventually begin to wear down after years of vitality and youth. However, many people consign themselves to this fate, simply accepting that their mental and physical health is out of their hands. While aging cannot be prevented, it can be forestalled.

This is where practices like Jangsaeng walking come in. Individuals who participate in this type of physical activity often report feeling remarkably youthful and vigorous, even at a point in life when conventional wisdom would suggest it is time to start slowing down.

Aging and death are a normal part of life but that doesn’t mean that a person should not worry about having good health and being able to enjoy their final years once they start getting older.

Could Ilchi Lee’s lessons in meditation help those with PTSD?

Military veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often face the difficult struggle of trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives. While there are treatments available, new research may have more soldiers trying Ilchi Lee’s lessons in Dahn Yoga, as meditation could help them reduce their symptoms.

The study, published in Military Medicine, suggests that veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were able to reduce their stress symptoms by 50 percent after meditating for eight weeks. The researchers noted that although the research only used a small pool of five veterans for the study, they saw the positive results as a good sign.

“Even though the number of veterans in this study was small, the results were very impressive,” said lead researcher Norman Rosenthal. “These young men were in extreme distress as a direct result of trauma suffered during combat, and the simple and effortless Transcendental Meditation technique literally transformed their lives.”

Those suffering from PTSD may want to keep this study in mind and look into meditation techniques in order to help calm their symptoms.

Dolly Parton uses meditation for spiritual awakening before performing

Ilchi Lee’s methods of meditation can help us channel our inner selves in order to grow as humans. By channeling this energy, we find that we are able to zero in on our daily tasks with a sense of calmness.

Country music superstar Dolly Parton recently told Music Rooms that she insists on taking the time to meditate before a show if she’s feeling a bit anxious. Although she’s been in the business for decades, Parton said that she still gets nervous before performing, which has caused her to rely on the relaxation technique before getting up on stage.

“If I ever get to the point of being nuts, I go off somewhere and pray a little bit and try to anchor myself and do some meditation and deep breathing,” she explained to the news source.

Parton is not alone in thinking that meditating can help calm her down. The Mayo Clinic suggests that people experiencing stress or anxiety should take a quick break to meditate, as it is a fast way to help ease the mind from various problems.

Ilchi Lee hosts event to help individuals get in touch with their inner soul

It is not always easy for a person to decipher their life purpose. Many times is it is hidden from plain sight and individuals must go searching for it. However, there are some well-established ways for seeking this type of spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction.

For example, Chunhwa meditation has been used for years to help practitioners get in touch with their inner self and listen to what it is trying to tell them. In 2009, Ilchi Lee hosted a stop on the Chunhwa Meditation Tour in Nice, France.

During Chunhwa meditation, a participant seeks to deeply experience their true self. By opening up the lines of communication between the soul and the consciousness, an individual may discover their life purpose, which often leads to greater fulfillment in life.

The event in Nice was held to help more individuals become aware of the benefits of this type of meditation and to encourage them to practice it. If more people across the globe were to participate in Chunhwa classes, it could lead to a more enlightened population that feels complete and fulfilled.

Ilchi Lee shares thoughts on longevity with national TV audience

Ilchi Lee has many thoughts on health, and he has been fortunate enough to receive several opportunities to share these novel ideas with the rest of the public. For example, in March of 2007 he was invited to lecture on the subject of longevity on Korean national television.

The Korean Broadcasting System, or KBS, asked the philosopher to talk to its audiences about Jangsaeng, which refers to the topic of longevity in the Korean language.

Many of Lee’s teachings deal with the topic of health and how individuals can maximize the positive energy that flows through their body. This can help them live more fulfilling lives well into their senior years.

For individuals who are interested in living long, healthy lives, certain techniques, such as meditation, can help them maintain healthy brain function for many years to come.

By expounding upon these ideas to a national TV audience, Lee was able to share his message of hope and peace with millions of people. Following his advice could help many individuals improve their health and enjoy longer lives.

Feel the energy flow of Sedona

Ilchi Lee believes Sedona is a powerfully spiritual place for travelers to visit and so does Sherman’s Travel, who named the Arizona town one of the most sacred destinations in the world.

Here, there are pockets of energy flow that help increase brain wave vibrations in people when they meditate among the red rock hues of the desert.

“Sedona is equally popular for its inspiring red-rock landscape and proximity to the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest as it is for resorts, eclectic shops, fine dining, and spiritual enrichment,” says Sherman’s Travel.

The area is considered one of the best places in the world to practice meditation, prayer and physical healing because of the vortex pockets of energy, according to the travel guide.

Spiritual healing is one of the best reasons to visit Sedona, Arizona. In addition to the many spa retreats, there are dozens of outdoor sites to practice quiet contemplation and let the energy waves flow over one’s bodies.

As they recite their prayer of peace, travelers will begin to see their life’s purpose and feel their spirit connecting to their body more than ever before.

Ilchi Lee named president of the University of Brain Education

Ilchi Lee practices what he preaches when it comes to meditation and exploring the potential of his brain. This has led him to participate in many organizations that are devoted to plumbing the depths of human potential and determining the full extent of man’s capabilities.

For example, in 2005 he was inaugurated as the second President of the University of Brain Education in Korea, which seeks to further the cause of Brain Education.

The University was established in 2002 as a graduate school for individuals who are interested in contributing to the international community through their work. Through the research opportunities and Brain Education programs offered by the school, students may learn how to tap their full potential to lead professional lives that serve a higher purpose, such as world peace.

Through his involvement with the school, Lee has been able to spread his message about the importance of using meditative principles to achieve a calm and focused mind. This may help individuals in their professional pursuits, regardless of the specific field they ultimately choose to

Healing one’s self at Machu Picchu

Located high in the Andres Mountains, Machu Picchu is one of the most serene and mythical places in South America.

It is the perfect destination for solo contemplation; surrounded by ancient stone buildings and soaring mountain peaks, it’s hard for travelers to not surrender to the awe inspired by such a place.

While there, people can experience the healing energy harnessed by the Inca civilization to begin a process of spiritual healing. Machu Picchu was built to connect directly with the environment – temples acknowledge the mountain landscape, stone calendars use the sun’s light to dictate agricultural seasons and sculpted rocks mimic peaks.

There is a connection travelers feel to the Earth when they wander around the site.

Perhaps the best time to visit is at dawn, “when the sun’s rays creep silently over the jagged silhouette, sometimes turning the distant snowy peaks fiery orange, and then slowly, with great drama, [casting a] brilliant light on the ruins,” according to Frommer’s travel guides.

Ilchi Lee preaches meditation as a form of spiritual growth; thanks to Machu Picchu’s connection to the spiritual world and landscape surrounding it, the site is a wonderful place for silent contemplation.

Event encourages adoption of Earth Citizen movement

For Ilchi Lee, the key to achieving world peace is for people from all corners of the globe to lay down their allegiance to specific religions, races, cultures and nationalities and begin identifying first and foremost as Earth Citizens. In furtherance of this goal, the author and philosopher has hosted many events on the topic.

For example, in March of 2001 he gathered spiritual leaders and interested individuals from several nations around the world to Mago Garden in Sedona, Arizona for the third Meeting with the Creator.

During the event, four speakers, including Ilchi Lee, talked about ways that people can live more fulfilling lives in the 21st century while working toward better themselves and the world around them.

Ilchi Lee’s comments focused on his idea of what it means to be an Earth Citizen. He said that love for humanity and love for the Earth should be the motto of individuals who accept this calling in life.

The event was the third in a series of four Meeting with the Creator sessions that took place between 1999 and 2003.