Individuals find inner peace at Brain Art Festival

There are many different ways individuals can express their inner peace philosophy. Some may choose to get involved in causes, while others may become active members in the world of policy. However, for many people, their mode of expression is art.

In order to facilitate the work of these individuals, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recently hosted the Brain Art Festival at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The event paired the lectures of Lee with interactive visual art installations, music and dance.

The event's website described it as a "supercharged healing adventure" in which individuals would have the opportunity for finding peace in life. The range of activities that took place were designed to create a synergistic flow of energy between the various performers and artists, and to foster an atmosphere in which artistic expression was given the chance to celebrate peace and happiness.

Officials drew comparisons between their event and the original Woostock Music and Arts Festival. They said that the former celebration was intended to bring together a diverse group of artists from a range of media in order to trumpet the cause of peace for a new generation. Similarly, the Brain Art Festival is intended as a way for individuals to creatively express their desires for peace.

Expressing one's inner peace philosophy is an important part of the theories of Lee. He says that individuals need to do more than just sit around thinking about ways to create a more harmonious world. In order to actually achieve that type of society, a person must take their ideas to the world and make people appreciate the importance of peace.

Only through actions such as those taken at the Brain Art Festival can the ideas of peace spread throughout society.

Ilchi Lee takes group to Europe to explore personal development goals

Within every person lies a set of personal development goals. They may not even realize what they are at first, but over time, these ideas and desires may play an important part in an individual’s ability to live a satisfying life.

In order to help more people realize these goals, author and meditation expert Ilchi Lee recently hosted the European ChunHwa Meditation tour. This event took participants around sites in Europe to help them get in touch with their inner self through meditation practices for beginners.

ChunHwa meditation is all about reaching the inner parts of a person that are inaccessible on an everyday basis. These are the hopes and desires that may seem impossible to achieve, so people lock them away and bury them deep. However, though meditation practices, they can be brought back to the surface, enabling individuals to chase these goals.

Lee uses the example of a caterpillar's transition into a butterfly. Throughout the insect’s early life, it is only capable of crawling around on the ground. It is certainly not much to look at. But deep within this creature lies the potential for transformation. Someday, it will develop into a beautiful butterfly that is capable of soaring through the air.

Humans are not so very different. Our ability to soar may be more metaphoric, and our transition to a beautiful creature may be more internal rather than external. However, the changes are very real. Lee’s meditation even helped a number of people remake themselves and find the butterfly that existed within their caterpillar-like soul.

It doesn’t take a trip to Europe for an individual to experience these kinds of benefits. All that is really needed is a commitment to regular meditation and a desire for positive personal development.

Event helps world see importance of making personal development goals a part of education

One of the most important peace philosophy questions begging to be answered is how to give every person in the world the tools necessary to provide a good life for themselves and their families. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that giving opportunities to more individuals with Brain Education may be a significant part of the solution.

His organizations – the Korean Institute of Brain Science and the International Brain Education Association – recently held an event at a high-level meeting of the United Nations, at which representatives discussed ways in which Brain Education could be used to boost public health efforts around the world and raise the quality of life for millions of people.

Education is the single most important key to moving ahead in life. Yet, around the world, millions of people are completely denied the opportunity to learn new ideas and skills. This holds them back from attaining a better life.

By putting on the event, Lee was able to bring his message about the importance of Brain Education and personal development goals to some of the most important leaders in the world. While these types of concerns have rarely been on the public's agenda, working to increase their visibility could result in the distribution of more resources for these causes.

The United Nations is an important organization when it comes to setting the course of international discussion. What happens at the UN often trickles down to member nations across the globe. By putting the idea of the importance of Brain Education on such an important stage, Lee helped open the possibility of future quality of life improvements to millions of people.

Ilchi Lee lectures seniors on attaining their personal development goals

Many people look at their senior years as a time to finally pursue their personal development goals. Retirement brings ample time to engage in all the activities individuals felt were never available to them as younger adults.

However, this time of life also brings health problems for many people. These conditions can make it difficult to pursue the passions they once looked toward with excitement. This may turn retirement years into long, dull expanses of useless time.

In order to help more seniors overcome this attitude and enable them to live more fulfilling lives, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recently gave a lecture to a group of older individuals from Sedona, Arizona. The theme of his talk was Brain Education for Successful Aging.

Lee believes that it is possible for a person to take their brain potential to new heights through meditation practices for beginners and other mental training exercises. Some people may think that these techniques are only for younger individuals, but Lee told the audience in Sedona that they can have major benefits for seniors too.

By working every day to develop the mind in some minor way, seniors may be able to shield their brains from the effects of aging and keep their mind sharp. Increasing brain power may have many benefits for older individuals.

Most importantly, it can enable seniors to pursue their passions and use their retirement years to the fullest. While many of their contemporaries may be slowing down and spending less time out in the world, those who have worked to improve the mind may still be active and remain enthusiastic about life. All it takes is a dedication to remain open to new experiences and learning.