Ilchi Lee and United Nations leader discuss meditation practices for health and other world issues

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It's not every day that a person gets to talk with major world leaders about the problems facing the world, but in 2007 author and philosopher Ilchi Lee was given just this opportunity. One can only guess at what they talked about, but strategies for using meditation practices for health as well as the state of conflict that exists in the world were surely brought up.

Lee was given the opportunity to sit down with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for two hours. The two men spent this time getting to know one another to create a general feeling of camaraderie.

Later, the pair discussed many of the problems that currently face the world, including senior health issues. They also talked about possible solutions to those situations.

Lee has said in the past that conflict and violence are main drivers of the problems faced by people around the world today. All over the globe divisiveness creates environments in which it is difficult for individuals to thrive and pursue their personal dreams.

However, by setting aside these differences, it may be possible for more individuals to embrace the common elements of their humanity and work together to create a more harmonious world. This is Lee's main suggestion for solving the problems of the planet.

While this may be a difficult policy to implement immediately, getting world leaders like Ki-moon involved in the process could speed the creation of a new harmonious world. Change will have to come from the people, but it may be possible for strong leaders to direct individuals toward a more peaceful existence. Through the meeting, Lee hopes to have inspired this type of change.

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