Ilchi Lee brings Brain Education and meditation practices for beginners to Costa Rica

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Ilchi Lee has worked tirelessly on ways to incorporate his Brain Education techniques into everything from efforts to solve senior health issues to public school educations. This has brought him around the world and earned him meetings with powerful national leaders.

Such was the case in 2007 when he met with then-president of Costa Rica Oscar Arias-Sanchez to discuss the ways in which Ilchi Lee's Brain Education teachings could be adapted by the public school system of the Central American country.

Arias-Sanchez said that he had significant admiration for the types of peaceful and educational efforts Lee had embarked upon throughout the course of his career and that Brain Education could potentially be an important part of helping students in the nation's public school systems improve their achievement levels.

Brain Education is a system of learning that teaches individuals how to control their thoughts and emotions in order to make sure that only positive ideas and reactions are allowed to enter the mind. Additionally, students learn how to get the most out of their brain potential.

When used in a public school setting, the system of learning has the power to help individuals get much more out of their lessons and pick up new skills in less time. This could fast track the young people of Costa Rica to lucrative careers that require significant brain power.

While no definitive decision was made at the time to bring Brain Education to Costa Rica's public schools, Lee saw big benefits for the entire region if it was. Cost Rica is known as a leader in the Central American area and Lee believed that successful implementation in this country could help the learning strategy spread to other parts of the region.

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