Ilchi Lee becomes president of school teaching peace

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While it is common for universities to place a great deal of importance on research, many overlook the critical role that peace should play in the education of young people. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee says that this concept should be at the heart of any individual’s learning.

To this end, Lee helped found the University of Brain Education and in 2005 was named the second president of the institution.

Under his direction, the school has helped students learn ways that they can direct their brain potential to successful pursuits in business, economics and the arts all while giving them a solid grounding on using their talents to promote peace in their own communities and throughout the world.

Given the amount of shady business deals that go down between traditionally educated captains of industry, initiatives that aim to teach business men and women the importance of integrity and peace are more important in today’s society than ever before. If more individuals pursue this type of learning the world may no longer suffer the burden of greedy and selfish business leaders. 

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