Ilchi Lee lectures college students in world peace

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College students are used to hearing lectures about topics in math, science and literature. However, few are exposed to the importance of world peace during the course of their regular degree work. In 2004, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee tried to change this.

He went to the University of Cologne in Germany to talk to a group of students at the school about Peacology and Brain Respiration.

These subjects play central roles in the teachings of Ilchi Lee. He says that there are few things as important in life as focusing on peace and working to encourage harmony with all that a person does in their life.

As college students, the individuals he lectured at the university are likely going to move on to careers in which they have an opportunity to shape the world, at least to some degree. Bringing this message of the importance of world peace to tomorrow's leaders could help the planet develop in a much more harmonious direction. Efforts like this could one day bring about fulfillment of the dream of world peace.

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