Princess Mononoke shows relationship of humanity and earth

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On August 2, 2002, Ilchi Lee was invited to a Meeting with Mago Event as a keynote speaker, where he spoke about humanity’s deep, mind-body-spirit connection with the earth. He addressed thousands of supporters about the importance of realizing the role the world plays in all of our lives.

This is also the topic of the 1997 hit anime film, Princess Mononoke, which details the conflict between the need of humans to continue striving forward with new technology, despite any costs to the surrounding environment. It is a fantastical movie set in the Muromachi period of Japan and proved extremely popular in Japan and abroad.

Most striking of all is the beautiful nature on display in the film. The beautifully rendered trees and ancient forests communicate the timeless and mystical qualities of the earth. The protagonist, Ashitaka, must come to terms with the constant battle between new technology and the way that humans abuse the earth, which is symbolized by a war between ancient animal-gods and a town that recently invented the latest in firearms.

Princess Mononoke has won more than 20 awards. Film critic Roger Ebert listed it as one of his top 10 films of 1999.

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