Meditation Practices for Health

Ilchi Lee teaches instructors new meditative practices

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There are many different types of meditative practices that can be used to bring a person’s mind and body back into alignment with their spirit. An individual could spend a lifetime learning all the different forms of the practice.

Fortunately, there are teachers who have put in the time and effort to master the various forms of meditation and are willing to instruct others in these ways. For example, in October of 2010 Ilchi Lee met in South Korea with 2,000 other instructors to teach them Jukbi Kigong and Yulyo Kigong.

These practices use various methods to bring the mind into sharper focus and are much different than what most people think of as traditional meditation. For example, in Jukbi Kigong, a short bamboo stick that is split down the middle in three places is used to help practitioners attain the proper meditative posture.

Ilchi Lee taught these meditation practices to these individuals so that they could then bring it back to their own communities and instruct their own students. By sharing this knowledge, the author and trailblazer was making it easier for people all across Korea to pursue fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives.

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