Ilchi Lee named president of the University of Brain Education

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Ilchi Lee practices what he preaches when it comes to meditation and exploring the potential of his brain. This has led him to participate in many organizations that are devoted to plumbing the depths of human potential and determining the full extent of man’s capabilities.

For example, in 2005 he was inaugurated as the second President of the University of Brain Education in Korea, which seeks to further the cause of Brain Education.

The University was established in 2002 as a graduate school for individuals who are interested in contributing to the international community through their work. Through the research opportunities and Brain Education programs offered by the school, students may learn how to tap their full potential to lead professional lives that serve a higher purpose, such as world peace.

Through his involvement with the school, Lee has been able to spread his message about the importance of using meditative principles to achieve a calm and focused mind. This may help individuals in their professional pursuits, regardless of the specific field they ultimately choose to

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