MIT Healing Society Forum

Ilchi Lee drives cross-country to lecture at MIT

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When individuals think about the great halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, most would have images in their minds of engineers hard at work or chemists toiling in laboratories. However, people may not think about pursuits of spiritual healing.

Yet, in 2001, the school played host to Ilchi Lee as he delivered his message of health to a crowded audience. The event was part of his Healing Society Forum, in which the author and philosopher discusses with other intellectual and curious members of the public on the important role of spirituality in today’s life.

The event was made even more remarkable by the circumstances under which it took place. It was held on September 16, 2001, just days after the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. During this period, all flights in the U.S. were grounded. In order to keep his appointment in Boston, Massachusetts, Ilchi Lee drove for 48 hours straight from Los Angeles, California.

This dedication allowed Ilchi Lee to bring his message of spiritual healing to the world renowned MIT and enabled him to share his inspiring stories.

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