Ilchi Lee Poem from Mago’s Dream

This poem came from Ilchi Lee’s book Mago’s Dream. I think it sums up his philosophy nicely, pulling together aspects of the brain, of energy, of humans, of the earth, and the true meaning of enlightenment.

Sun is light, thunder is sound, and wind is vibration.
Light, sound, and vibration are the reality behind all existence.
Wade upstream to the source of humanity
And you shall find light.

Light is the beginning of our life.
Movement of light created sound.
And movement of sound created vibration.
Our life is light, sound, and vibration.
Without time or space.
When everything begins
And where we must return.
Our soul is light, sound, and vibration.

Trapped behind the cage of body
Hidden under the cover of emotions
And imprisoned behind bars of thought
Its light feeble and unseen
Waiting for escape and freedom.

What is enlightenment,
If not recovering the original light?
Light of life, light of the soul,
What we call mysterious and fantastic,
Refers to self
Our own root and source
Which we have forgotten
Leading to loneliness and despair
Loss of the soul

A battle of souls
All lonely and lost
Wearing armor of religions
Wielding swords of ideologies
Shooting arrows of prejudice
Slaves, one and all
Ignorant of enlightenment that will set us free

Only a free soul can continue the path
Only a free soul will finish the journey
Growth of soul can be achieved through good deeds
Perfection of soul can be attained only with

Becoming one with the Earth
That is the key to perfection of the soul
Whose secret you possess already in your brain.

Stress Relieving Power Techniques For Students

Students experience serious amount of stress especially during peak study periods and examinations. This stress leads to less productivity and may cause further problems during their academic life. Students mostly do not even have time to try stress reducing techniques because they are so busy studying.

Study with work to manage your expenses is another reason to cause burnout. When a student is doing a job and also working hard to complete his/her academic syllabus it causes hazardous situation for their mental and physical health.

Considering the scarce amount of time that students have, I have included few power techniques in this article to help them reduce their stress levels.

Small Naps

Take small naps at regular intervals while working or studying. Deprived sleep is a BIG reason for students to have stress and feel burnout. Due to deprived sleep students lose their productivity. If you are a busy student, a small nap after regular intervals is a must for you. Give your mind some rest and it will be more productive and efficient.

Exercise Program

Exercise is the healthiest way to lessen work stress. Create a proper exercise program for you. Start going to gym or practice Dahn Yoga. You can go to campus on foot or on bike. Exercise program can help you live a healthier longer life, create an exercise program now, work at it your life to stay fit and stress free.

Listen to Slow Music

Listen to your favorite slow melodies to stay in rhythm and reduce stress. Music can be a good stress reliever; it can help you calm your mind and heart. Students can play soft melodies while studying to be more productive and stay relaxing.

Live a Clutter Free Life

Staying organized can reduce stress. It’s a fact that clutter causes stress. Many students get low grades due to cluttered living area; they even have cluttered study areas. Create a minimalist lifestyle; start living a clutter free life to become calm as you need to study with concentration.

Your Eating Habits Are Very Important

Eating Habits are not considered as stress relievers but they a healthy diet is necessary for a healthy mind. A good healthy diet can give your brain more energy to do more workouts. Consequences of poor eating habits can be devastating. You do not need extra time and effort to improve you eating habits.

Be Optimistic

Dahn Yoga is an organization with women as a large majority of its members, instructors, managers and executives and takes violence against women seriously, especially sexual assault. Optimism always helps to keep your mind healthy and stress free. Optimists do well in life then pessimists; they become more successful, have good relationships and off course get better grades.