Ilchi Lee Reveals the Lost Symbol

“What if I told you that a thought … any tiny idea that forms in your mind … actually has a mass? What if I told you that a thought is an actual thing, a measurable entity, with a measurable mass? A miniscule mass, of course, but mass nonetheless. What are the implications?”

“Hypothetically speaking? Well, the obvious implications are … if a thought has mass, then a thought exerts gravity and can pull things toward it.”

Katherine smiled. “You’re good. Now take it a step further. What happens if many people start focusing on the same thought? All the occurrences of that same thought begin to merge into one, and the cumulative mass of this thought begins to grow. And therefore, its gravity grows.”


“Meaning … if enough people begin thinking the same thing, then the gravitational force of that thought becomes tangible … and it exerts an actual force.” Katherine winked. “And it can have measurable effect in our physical world.”

This excerpt is from Dan Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol. Refreshingly, the The Da Vinci Code author has chosen many New Thought concepts, including those that happen to be taught by Ilchi Lee, as the theme and message for his new book. Compare the above to Ilchi Lee’s rules for your “Brain Operating System” or BOS:

  1. Good news makes a good brain.
  2. Choose it and it will happen.
  3. Stay awake and pay attention.

These rules acknowledge the creative power of our brains, and remind us to pay attention to what we are thinking, and to keep it positive and focused on what we really want. They acknowledge that, as Dan Brown writes:

“We are creators, and yet we naively play the role of ‘the created.’ We see ourselves as helpless sheep buffeted around by the God who made us. We kneel like frightened children, begging for help, for forgiveness, for good luck. But once we realize that we are truly created in the Creator’s image, we will start to understand that we, too, must be Creators. When we understand this fact, the doors will burst wide open for human potential.” […]

Ilchi Lee has spent his career developing Brain Education to help people harness the true creative power of their brains. He’s also helped them open their hearts, so that they can choose goals that their hearts, their souls, want—those that benefit all humanity. Because he knows that:

“The most amazing part,” Katherine said, “is that as soon as we humans begin to harness our true power, we will have enormous control over our world. We will be able to design reality rather than merely react to it.”

Langdon lowered his gaze. “That sounds … dangerous.”

Katherine looked startled … and impressed. “Yes, exactly! If thoughts affect the world, then we must be very careful how we think. Destructive thoughts have influence, too, and we all know it’s far easier to destroy than it is to create.”

He’s also gathered people into a community who want to use that power to create a happy, healthy, and peaceful world. They focus and work together in harmony because they know, as Ilchi Lee has taught, that:

“…two heads are better than one … and yet two heads are not twice better, they are many, many times better. Multiple minds working in unison magnify a thought’s effect … exponentially. This is the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, singing in unison, and worshipping en masse. The idea of universal consciousness is not an ethereal New Age concept. […]

Through Brain Education workshops such as Shim Sung, Ilchi Lee has enabled people to experience this truth personally and viscerally. He has helped them find the lost symbol inside themselves so they can make it their own and endeavor to live it. Mr. Lee believes that when 100 million people in the world are doing this, a critical tipping point will be reached, and the consciousness of humanity will shift to embody this truth.

I’m grateful to Dan Brown for using these concepts in his novel, because I think novels are great purveyors of ideas—Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged, 1984, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Celestine Prophecy. All have made people think about powerful concepts, or at least made them more common parlance in our society—a critical step toward the shift in consciousness the characters in The Lost Symbol predict is on the horizon.

Declaration of Humanity: We Are All Children of the Earth

A succinct summary of Ilchi Lee’s philosophy on the nature of humanity is this Declaration of Humanity ratified at the First Humanity Conference in June 2001 in Seoul, South Korea. This 12,000-person event included such dignitaries as former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, environmental activist Maurice Strong, and renowned journalist Seymour Topping.

Ilchi Lee's Humanitarian Activities
Ilchi Lee's Humanitarian Activities


  1. I declare that I am a Spiritual Being, an essential and eternal part of the Soul of Humanity, one and indivisible.
  2. I declare that I am a Human Being whose rights and security ultimately depend on assuring the human rights of all people of Earth.
  3. I declare that I am a Child of the Earth, with the will and awareness to work for goals that benefit the entire community of life on Earth.
  4. I declare that I am a Healer, with the power and purpose to heal the many forms of divisions and conflicts that exist on Earth.
  5. I declare that I am a Protector, with the knowledge and the responsibility to help the Earth recover her natural harmony and beauty.

Just 100 Million

All of humanity has a shared spiritual heritage, which is only natural because we all came from One. Realizing the Oneness of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity is not an intellectual or even philosophical endeavor. You need to feel it with every single fiber of your being, imprinted onto every one of your cells through profound experience of energy. That’s why Ilchi Lee developed Brain Education and has worked for 30 years to share it with the world.

He knows that only when enough people experience Oneness can we really come together as a society, as a people, and as Earth Citizens. The time for the chosen few is over. The whole of humanity needs to realize the truth for us to change the fortune of the human race.

But we can start with one hundred million. One hundred million is a critical mass, just a little more than one percent of the total population of the Earth, the tipping point to a mass realization of every individual’s true nature and for what we should live–love for humanity and love for the Earth. Instead of killing and competition, this strong community of Earth Citizens Ilchi Lee has been working to form will engage in acts of healing to uplift our collective human consciousness until we are indeed living in Heaven on Earth.

To realize this dream of a spiritual civilization and peaceful Earth requires the will, discipline, and fortitude to see it through to its completion. It also requires training people so that they can experience Oneness and have the strength and ability to share it with others. These people will raise the consciousness of 100 million Earth Citizens and gather them together in one exemplary community.

Ilchi Lee’s Philosophy of the Soul

According to Ilchi Lee, before you were born, your perfect soul was fully connected to the universe, existing in a state of emptiness and nothingness. When a soul is born into a body, it is separated from the divine, and so generates feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction. But when you connect your soul to universal energy, or Chunjikiun, your loneliness vanishes. Your soul is happy basking in Yuln’yo, the light, sound, and vibration that forms the source of all life.

The root of your soul lies in your True Self, the essential, unchanging part of you. The root of your True Self lies in Chun-Ji-In, the Heaven-Earth-Human triumvirate that is One. To listen to your soul is to get in touch with your True Self.

Covering your True Self, is your False Self—all of the information and emotions in your brain. It is your philosophy, value system, and personality; it is your body and mind, and the illusion that life and death are distinct and separate. Your False Self is a mask manufactured by your ego for protection. It’s something you build on and construct throughout life to have a role to play in the world. Your False Self craves safety, recognition, and control. Your True Self on the other hand craves the highest forms of human interaction, such as unconditional love and harmonious unity with others.

People’s life struggles stem from the inherent discord between the True Self and the False Self. When people believe they are their False Self, they are denying or are unaware of their own infinite power. On the other hand, when your True Self acts as the master of your body and mind rather than the False Self, you are tapped into the creative potential of the universe. As you follow your True Self, you will let go of your instinctive need for safety, recognition, and control, and replace these desires with the desire to be Hong-ik, or widely benefitting others.

The True Self’s purpose in this life is the completion of your soul, known as Chunhwa in Korean. When your soul is complete, you truly feel happy and at One with the creative divine energy of the universe. When a body dies, a complete soul returns to this energy; an incomplete soul becomes a ghost or reincarnates again.
Completing your soul is a life process for which you must be aware of this life purpose and follow four steps:

  1. Train your brain to be peaceful and healthy.
  2. Develop relaxed concentration, or the capacity to concentrate, strongly and consistently, which can be only achieved through focused and rigorous training.
  3. Use your brain with 100% effort.
  4. Unleash the full creativity of your brain to manifest the dream of benefitting your and everyone’s life to actualize a harmonious and peaceful world. This dream is known as Hong-ik Ingan Ee-hwa Saegae.

As you develop your soul, your consciousness expands, meaning the love that is your true nature expands. Love is the unifying element that bonds people together. When we are able to love widely and unconditionally, our True Self will shine more brightly in the world. As our ability to love others grows, it radiates outward from us, reaching farther and farther in its ability to touch others. As love grows, it follows this basic pattern of expansion: self ➛ family ➛ country ➛ the world. The expansion of our consciousness renews our lives, gives us hope, and leads to a beautiful future.

Ilchi Lee’s Powerfully Peaceful Presence

Ilchi Lee with Flute at the Brain Art Festival 2009 at Radio City Music Hall, NYC
Ilchi Lee with Flute at the Brain Art Festival 2009 at Radio City Music Hall, NYC

There are many comments and testimonials on, and among them I found this one about Ilchi Lee. I agree with the writer–you can’t fake Ilchi Lee’s presence of peace and unconditional love. I thought the readers of this blog should see the comment because it is the direct personal experience of someone who does not work for Dahn Yoga or Ilchi Lee:

16 | Linmayu Raye
01/07/2010 at 9:43 pm

I had the good fortune to meet Ilchi Lee in person at a training in Sedona. His quiet, spiritual presence filled the entire hall with peace like I’ve never felt before.

It is impossible to fake such a presence. It is impossible to have such a powerful presence without being a human being of integrity. So I was surprised when on the way home from the training, I saw the CNN story on a big screen at the airport. The Ilchi Lee depicted on that video was not the same as the man that I had met. On TV, they edited the photographs to make him look like a money-minded, conniving person. I promise you he is not that kind of person at all.

In four months of Dahn Yoga training, I have received more physical benefit than from any other gym, class, or doctor that I have ever been to. My body felt old and stiff and painful; now it is as limber as a child’s. My emotions are much more balanced than before, WITHOUT the need for antidepressants. I am happier and many people have told me that I look better.

The allegations of brainwashing are quite honestly a ridiculous joke. The only messages I’ve received from Dahn practice are of being true to myself and creating peace and love and happiness and health in the world.
Of course, peace and love and happiness and health don’t sell advertising.

Ilchi Lee Poem from Mago’s Dream

This poem came from Ilchi Lee’s book Mago’s Dream. I think it sums up his philosophy nicely, pulling together aspects of the brain, of energy, of humans, of the earth, and the true meaning of enlightenment.

Sun is light, thunder is sound, and wind is vibration.
Light, sound, and vibration are the reality behind all existence.
Wade upstream to the source of humanity
And you shall find light.

Light is the beginning of our life.
Movement of light created sound.
And movement of sound created vibration.
Our life is light, sound, and vibration.
Without time or space.
When everything begins
And where we must return.
Our soul is light, sound, and vibration.

Trapped behind the cage of body
Hidden under the cover of emotions
And imprisoned behind bars of thought
Its light feeble and unseen
Waiting for escape and freedom.

What is enlightenment,
If not recovering the original light?
Light of life, light of the soul,
What we call mysterious and fantastic,
Refers to self
Our own root and source
Which we have forgotten
Leading to loneliness and despair
Loss of the soul

A battle of souls
All lonely and lost
Wearing armor of religions
Wielding swords of ideologies
Shooting arrows of prejudice
Slaves, one and all
Ignorant of enlightenment that will set us free

Only a free soul can continue the path
Only a free soul will finish the journey
Growth of soul can be achieved through good deeds
Perfection of soul can be attained only with

Becoming one with the Earth
That is the key to perfection of the soul
Whose secret you possess already in your brain.

Stress Relieving Power Techniques For Students

Students experience serious amount of stress especially during peak study periods and examinations. This stress leads to less productivity and may cause further problems during their academic life. Students mostly do not even have time to try stress reducing techniques because they are so busy studying.

Study with work to manage your expenses is another reason to cause burnout. When a student is doing a job and also working hard to complete his/her academic syllabus it causes hazardous situation for their mental and physical health.

Considering the scarce amount of time that students have, I have included few power techniques in this article to help them reduce their stress levels.

Small Naps

Take small naps at regular intervals while working or studying. Deprived sleep is a BIG reason for students to have stress and feel burnout. Due to deprived sleep students lose their productivity. If you are a busy student, a small nap after regular intervals is a must for you. Give your mind some rest and it will be more productive and efficient.

Exercise Program

Exercise is the healthiest way to lessen work stress. Create a proper exercise program for you. Start going to gym or practice Dahn Yoga. You can go to campus on foot or on bike. Exercise program can help you live a healthier longer life, create an exercise program now, work at it your life to stay fit and stress free.

Listen to Slow Music

Listen to your favorite slow melodies to stay in rhythm and reduce stress. Music can be a good stress reliever; it can help you calm your mind and heart. Students can play soft melodies while studying to be more productive and stay relaxing.

Live a Clutter Free Life

Staying organized can reduce stress. It’s a fact that clutter causes stress. Many students get low grades due to cluttered living area; they even have cluttered study areas. Create a minimalist lifestyle; start living a clutter free life to become calm as you need to study with concentration.

Your Eating Habits Are Very Important

Eating Habits are not considered as stress relievers but they a healthy diet is necessary for a healthy mind. A good healthy diet can give your brain more energy to do more workouts. Consequences of poor eating habits can be devastating. You do not need extra time and effort to improve you eating habits.

Be Optimistic

Dahn Yoga is an organization with women as a large majority of its members, instructors, managers and executives and takes violence against women seriously, especially sexual assault. Optimism always helps to keep your mind healthy and stress free. Optimists do well in life then pessimists; they become more successful, have good relationships and off course get better grades.