Overflow with Hope

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For several months in 2008, www.ilchi.com sent out a newsletter that featured Hope Messages by Ilchi Lee. At the time, Lee was emphasizing hope a lot in his lectures as he traveled, and from listening to some of them I really felt how important hope is to my life. It sounds very simple if you think about it, as do many things he says once you hear it. But I often find myself grateful that my teacher reminds me of important concepts or the deeper meaning of seemingly ordinary things and events.

Here is a Hope Message that is near and dear to me because it reminds me of how ubiquitous and abundant hope is, and yet how necessary it is for our lives. It also reminds me of how we all have a responsibility to share it when someone needs it.

Overflow with Hope

Let your heart overflow with hope. Feed the better part of yourself, and help it to grow stronger.
And give hope to every person you meet.
Don’t hold it in your chest,
But let it flow to every corner of the world.

For hope is not a jewel
To be guarded in secret,
But a spring that bursts forth
From the center of the earth
Full of Life.

It is a spring that carries your future
And the future of humanity.
It is the motor in our hearts
That propels humanity forward,
And drives us to our chosen destiny.

All we need to do
Is let it.
~ Ilchi Lee

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