Power of your mind

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All about Ilchi Lee expert dahnhak and writer of book “Healing Society”

Now try creating a ball of energy with your mind. Imagine that you are holding a bright ball of light in your hands. Feel the texture of this ball, its contours, and its perfectly round shape. Make it grow and make it shrink. Play around with it gently, never letting the sensation disappear. You have just made this energy through nothing more than the power of your mind. You willed it, and the surrounding energy came together to form a ball. Be in awe of the power of your mind.

All life is in constant motion. Even rocks and mountains are in constant vibration. Every existence is dancing to the rhythm of the Cosmic Order. Life celebrates itself through constant vibration. And through vibration we can enter into the brain stem. You will experience the reality of your life in your brain stem.

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